Easy-to-Use Rental Owner and Resident Portals

Sandalwood Property Management provides easy to use portals for both the owner and the resident that can be accessed from your computer or phone, they even offer a mobile app. It’s incredibly user friendly and provides top benefits!  Owner portals provides data and reports in real time 24/7 Owner Portal  Shares Financials Reports from Management [...]

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We have a new website!

Sandalwood Property Management has launched a new site to support new and current customers experts that want to stay on top of property management trends. The site offers practical information about Sandalwood Property Management and provides an easy payment portal for current customers. Along with providing the industry's latest info.   Anyone interested in help with managing [...]

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Top 6 Benefits of Using a Property Management Company

Managing rentals can be stressful and challenging. Hiring a management company to do the work for you and manage your tenants relieves a ton of stress off you and keeps time and money in your pocket. Below we explain the top 6 benefits of using a Property Management company.  The biggest and most important feature [...]

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