Sandalwood Property Management provides easy to use portals for both the owner and the resident that can be accessed from your computer or phone, they even offer a mobile app. It’s incredibly user friendly and provides top benefits!  Owner portals provides data and reports in real time 24/7

Owner Portal 

  • Shares Financials Reports from Management Company to Owner in Real Time

Give owners access to profit and loss statements, contributions and draws, and specific transactions you’ve made on behalf of the property.  Balance Sheets, income statements, and a number of other Financial Reports are available from any device.

  • Shares Important Documents

Important documents and items such a leases, receipts are uploaded to the built-in document sharing system so Rental Owners can access them at anytime.

  • Streamline Communication

We are continuing to bring more functionality to the communications timeline in an effort to provide our property owners full view into all of the communications and correspondence between property owner and us the management company.  Our integrated system allows Rental Owners to sign into their account to submit requests such as maintenance work or inspections as well as send us emails.

Resident/Tenant Portal

  • Resident site

Our resident site has been designed to deliver an intuitive, effortless experience so residents can easily manage their account and online payment process.

  • Payment Center

The Resident portal site provides for easy payments to be made from home or when away. Residents can pay fees or rent online, view their payment history and set up recurring payments. The resident site is available via mobile app or desktop so there are no more excuses for late rent.

  • Maintenance Requests

But the benefits only start here. It streamlines communication and maintenance requests, so response time to issues can move quicker to help tenants. Residents can upload photos directly from their phone or tablet. They can see when an item’s been assigned to a staff member or vendor, and view status updates until the item is completed, so they won’t need to call to check in. This puts the tenants at ease knowing their requests are attended to quickly.

  • Text and email important updates

Property Managers can share important notices and updates with residents using an announcements board, draft and send emails to individuals or groups, or send text messages to residents or association owners directly from the portal.

  • Store and share important documents

Residents/Tenant can download their lease or other important documents, trash reminders and addendums.